Our Teachers 
The teachers at Adventure Planet are selected with care. Education, experience and a love of children are all important factors in selecting our teachers. Every Adventure Planet Employee undergoes a background check and fingerprint screening prior to employment. Our teachers meet qualifications and standards set forth by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. All teachers are trained in Child Development, Child Abuse & Neglect, Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, Safe Sleep Practices & SIDS, Medication Administration, Hazardous Materials and Contaminants,  Food Allergies, Building & Physical Premises Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Transportation of Children & First Aid and CPR. In addition, all of our teachers obtain 16 hours of additional training each year.

Our Values 
In all things, we commit to creating an exciting and safe environment for your child. We build strong relationships with our families and community. We offer families a sense of security. We provide you with a program that is professional, education, enjoyable and full of integrity.

Parents Are Always Welcome 
We believe parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life. We do everything possible to ensure parents’ involvement in our program. You are always welcome at Adventure Planet. We encourage you to visit, unannounced, at any time. Stop in, visit your child, and join in our activities. We also encourage you to volunteer your time by sharing your talents and abilities. We welcome your participation in the Adventure Planet program to help make your child’s experience a great one.

Our Teachers & Our Values

Adventure Planet Child Care Center


Every child is unique and we believe that success and growth come from encouragement and praise. We endeavor to provide high quality, stimulating and affordable child care to our families. We accomplish this through qualified teachers, a structured curriculum and efficient management of our facilities. In 2012 we launched our new curriculum designed to integrate a science component. Our goal is to instill a curiosity in learning new things so children are encouraged to explore and ask questions. We believe it's critical at this impressionable age that children develop a love of learning and begin to foster an innate ability to think and problem solve.

At Adventure Planet, learning really is an adventure!